Exchange Online Synchronizer - Fresh install or upgrade


For SuperOffice On-Premise installations (also known as Onsite installations), we offer Exchange Online Synchronizer to keep the calendars and task lists in sync. We already offer this feature since 2004, so a lot of our customers are using the application for a longer period. Over the years the technical background of the application changed and we added new versions of the Microsoft calendar offering. 

Now that the online offering is more popular than ever and security is more important than ever, we follow the security standards wherever we can. That is why we have a new version of Exchange Online Synchronizer that implements a more secure way of signing on to the email and calendar platform. We strongly advise all customers to upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible. Not only because of the much-improved way of authentication but also for the reason that Microsoft will stop support for Basic Authentication (this is the way we authenticate in the older versions of our software) in the course of 2022.

This article will help you to determine if an upgrade is necessary and how you can prepare and execute the upgrade.
Select the option that is applicable for your installation. 


I will do a fresh install of Exchange Online Synchronizer

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I use Exchange Online Synchronizer already

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