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PDF Director

€ 650.00
When you want to send an offer to a potential customer, you don’t want to send a plain Word document. You want to look professional and send the offer in PDF format. PDFDirector allows you to do just that.

Preview Email

€ 0.00
The Preview E-mail enables you as a user of SuperOffice CRM to view the content of an archived e-mail without opening the complete e-mail message.

Quote Plus Connector

€ 950.00
The SuperOffice Quote Management module makes the quotation process an integral part of the sales process. It helps you to gain full control over the sales process without leaving the SuperOffice Sales & Marketing environment. The Quote+ Connector enhances these already amazing features. Your Quote Management experience will be even better than it was before!

Universal Mail Archiver

€ 499.00
The Universal Mail Archiver (UMA) archives all your important emails in SuperOffice wherever you are. Even when you’re on the road! We gave it the triple A status: UMA archives Any mail from Any client on Any device. It works with any email client like Gmail, Sparrow, Outlook Apple Mail and your email app on your mobile device. So now you can archive your emails in SuperOffice at any place, any time.

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